About Me

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National University. I am interested in understanding and simulating Natural Hazard to improve the knowledge of their dynamics and assess more precisely the threat toward the population.

During my PhD, in France, I work mainly on the simulation of tsunamis to assess the hazard on the French coasts and the harbours and bays behaviour under long waves. During the two first year of PostDoc at ANU, I work on the development of an high-fidelity tsunami simulation code. This new code that includes the elastic loading of the Earth and the sea water density stratification improve the comparison between simulations and observations. Since September 2015, I also work on the use of GRACE satellite gravity measurement to evaluate the distribution of the water mass on Earth.

Current projects includes:

  • Numerical simulation of Tsunami (Natural Hazard more generally)
  • Study of the temporal gravity field using GRACE satellites data
  • Devolepemnt of the Australian seismic passive data services (Auspass http://auspass.edu.au)