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Dr Geoff Davies

Senior Fellow

Research School of Earth Sciences
The Australian National University
Canberra 0200

T +61 2 612 54517
F: +61 2 6257 2737



Current Research

Student Projects

Research Interests

My work is mainly on mantle dynamics and related topics. Mantle dynamics includes mantle convection, the dynamics of plate tectonics and rising mantle plumes. Related topics are the interaction of mantle convection with chemical heterogeneties in the mantle, and the thermal evolution of the earth’s interior, which controls the tectonic evolution of the earth.
The work is mainly computational, with simpler theoretical modelling when possible. The modelling is always guided by broader fluid dynamical principles and by observational constraints from geophysics, geochemistry and broader fields of geology.

Several movies illustrate various aspects of this work. (These movies are between 1Mb and 4Mb in size)

See also my book Dynamic Earth: Plates, Plumes and Mantle Convection.