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Dr Marnie Forster

Australian Research Fellow

Earth Chemistry
Research School of Earth Sciences
The Australian National University
Canberra 0200

T: +61 2 6125 3412
F: +61 2 612 58253



Current Research

Student Projects

Research Interests

Present research tackles the question of the episodic nature of mountain building and the character and duration of tectonic mode switches during orogenesis. Both Structural Geology and Argon Geochronology are used as research tools, with a focus presently on the NW Himalaya and the Blueschist Belt in the central Aegean, Greece. Tectonic sequence diagrams are defined both locally and regionally using structural mapping, microstructural analysis and argon geochronology to understand the character and duration of events, both metamorphic mineral growth events and deformational events, so as to begin to understand the complexity of these regions.

Geospeedometry using argon thermochronology is presently being undertaken on the rocks deformed during the Oligiocene-Eocene transition. Movement that occurred along a km-scale extensional shear zone in the Aegean Sea Greece, is being analysed for the character and time duration of movement on this lithospheric scale structure.

Research involves collaboration with:

Professor Talat Ahmad a geochemist from Delhi University, working on the Himalaya orogeny.

Professor Roberto Compagnoni, a metamorphic petrologist from the University of Torino, working on the central Aegean Blueschist Belt.

Professor Hall and Dr Mike Cottam from the SE Asia Research Group, Royal Holloway University of London. This work involves the timing of the exhumation of Mt. Kinabalu in SE Asia. Click HERE to review research