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20 selected publications – Professor ROSS W. GRIFFITHS - (October 2008)

Griffiths, R.W.  Layered double-diffusive convection in porous media.  J. Fluid Mech., 102, 221-252 (1981).

Griffiths, R.W. and Linden, P.F.  The stability of vortices in a rotating stratified fluid.  J. Fluid Mech., 105, 283-316 (1981).

Griffiths, R.W. and Linden, P.F.  The stability of buoyancy driven coastal currents.  Dyn. Atmos. Oceans, 5, 281-306 (1981).

Griffiths, R.W., Killworth, P.D. and Stern, M.E.  Ageostrophic instability of ocean currents.  J. Fluid Mech., 117, 343-377 (1982).

Griffiths, R.W.  Gravity currents in rotating systems.  Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech., 18, 59-89 (1986).  (Invited review)

Griffiths, R.W.  Thermals in extremely viscous fluids, including the effects of temperature dependent viscosity.  J. Fluid Mech., 166, 115-138 (1986).

Griffiths, R.W. and Hopfinger, E.J.  Coalescing of geostrophic vortices.  J. Fluid Mech., 178, 73-97 (1987).

Richards, M.A., and Griffiths, R.W.  Deflection of plumes by mantle shear flow.  Experimental results and a simple theory.  Geophys. J. Int., 94, 367-376 (1988).

Campbell, I.H., Griffiths, R.W. and Hill, R.I.  Melting in an Archaean mantle plume:  heads its basalts, tails its komatiites.  Nature, 339, 697-699 (1989).

Griffiths, R.W. and Campbell, I.H.  Stirring and structure in mantle starting plumes.  Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 99, 66-78 (1990).

Campbell, I.H. and Griffiths, R.W.  Implications of mantle plume structure for the evolution of flood basalts.  Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 99, 79-93 (1990).

Fink, J.H. and Griffiths, R.W.  Radial spreading of viscous gravity currents with solidifying crust.  J. Fluid Mech. 221, 485-509 (1990).

Griffiths, R.W. and Fink, J.H.  Effects of surface cooling on the advance of lava flows and domes.  J. Fluid Mech., 252, 667-702 (1993).

Griffiths, R.W. and Veronis, G.  A laboratory study of the effects of a sloping side boundary on wind driven circulation in a homogeneous ocean model.  J. Marine Res., 55, 1103-1127 (1997).

Griffiths, R.W.  The dynamics of lava flows. Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech., 32, 479-520 (2000). (Invited review)

Wong, A.D.B., Griffiths, R.W. and Hughes, G.O.  Shear layers driven by turbulent plumes.  J. Fluid Mech., 434, 209-241 (2001).

Kincaid, C. and Griffiths, R.W. Laboratory models of the thermal evolution of the mantle during rollback subduction. Nature, 425, 58-62 (2003).

Mullarney, J.C., Griffiths, R.W. and Hughes, G.O. Convection driven by differential heating at a horizontal boundary. J. Fluid Mech., 516, 181–209 (2004).

Hughes, G.O. and Griffiths, R.W. A simple convective model of the global overturning circulation, including effects of entrainment into sinking regions. Ocean Modelling, 12, 46–79 (2006).

Hughes, G.O., Griffiths, R.W., Mullarney, J.C. and Peterson, W.H.  A theoretical model for horizontal convection at large Rayleigh number. J. Fluid Mech., 581, 251-276 (2007).

Hughes, G.O., Griffiths, R.W.  Horizontal convection. Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 40, 185-208 (2008).

Prastowo, T., Griffiths, R.W., Hughes, G.O., Hogg, A.McC.  Mixing efficiency in controlled exchange flows.  J. Fluid Mech., 600, 235-244 (2008).

Hughes, G.O., Hogg, A.McC., Griffiths, R.W.  Available potential energy and internal mixing in the meridional overturning circulation.  J. Phys. Oceanogr., submitted Oct 2008.

Prastowo, T., Griffiths, R.W., Hughes, G.O., Hogg, A.McC.  Effects of topography on the cumulative mixing efficiency in controlled exchange flows.  J. Geophys. Res., submitted Oct 2008.