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Peer Reviewed Papers
Ickert R., Hiess J., Williams I., Holden P., Ireland T., Chappell B., Lanc P., Schram N., Foster J., Clement S., In preparation.  Determining high precision in situ O isotope ratios with a a SHRIMP II ion microprobe: An example of contrasting granites from the Lachlan Fold Belt, SE Australia.
Ickert R., Thokelson D., Marshall D., Ullrich T., In press.  Eocene adakitic volcanism in southern British Columbia: Remelting of arc basalt above a slab window.  Tectonophysics.  doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2007.10.007
Yeo, G.M., Percival, J.B., Jefferson, C.W., Ickert, R., and Hunt, P., 2007:  Environmental significance of oncoids and crypto-microbial laminites from the Late Paleoproterozoic Athabasca Group, Saskatchewan and Alberta; in EXTECH IV: Athabasca Uranium Multidisciplinary Study, Saskatchewan and Alberta, (ed.) C.W. Jefferson and G. Delaney; Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 588, p. 315-323.
Conference Talks:
Ickert, R., Williams, I., Chappell, B., 2008.  In situ U-Pb, O, and Hf isotope measurements in zircon from I- and S-type granites from SE Australia. Goldschmidt 2008, Vancouver, Canada.
Thorkelson, D., Breitsprecher, K., Ickert, R., 2008.  Dykes and slabs in the mantle: model sources for the adakite clan.  Goldschmidt 2008, Vancouver, Canada.
Williams, I., Trotter, J., Ickert, R., Chappell B., 2008.  Applications of SHRIMP II to O isotopic analysis of granite zircon and conodont apatite.  Goldschmidt 2008, Vancouver, Canada.
Ickert, R., Williams, I., Chappell, B., 2008. In situ U-Pb, O, and Hf isotope measurements of I- and S-type granites from the Berridale and Kosciuszko Batholiths.  Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Perth, Australia.
Williams, I., Ickert, R., Hiess, J., Holden, P., Chappell, B., 2008.  Advances in SHRIMP zircon U-Pb geochronology and oxygen isotopic analysis. Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Perth, Australia.
Ickert, R., Williams, I., 2007.  Correlated, in situ analysis of U/Pb, δ18O and εHf in zircon from Siluro-Devonian granite in the eastern Lachlan Orogen: Constrains on juvenile additions to the continental crust.  Geological Society of Australia Specialist Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology bi-annual conference, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Ickert, R., Thorkelson, D., and Marshall, D., 2006.  Petrogenesis of adakite and high-Mg# andesite in the Eocene Princeton Group (BC): Remelting of metamorphosed Mesozoic arc basalt in the lithospheric mantle.  GAC/MAC Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.
Ickert, R., Heiss, J., Williams, I.S., 2006.  Electron Induced Secondary Ion Emission (EISIE): An important consideration in the analysis of light isotopes in insulators.  SHRIMP Workshop 2006, Rottnest Island, WA.
Williams, IS, Heiss, J., Ickert, R., Holden, P., 2006.  The current status of zircon oxygen micro-analysis using SHRIMP II.  Goldschmidt 2006, Melbourne Australia.
Ickert, R., and Gleeson, S.A. 2003.  Cathodoluminescence zonation in hydrothermal vein-quartz linked to enrichment in aluminium.  Geological Society of America Abstracts with programs, Seattle.
Gleeson, S.A., and Ickert, R.,  2005.  The relationship between aluminium contents and cathodoluminescence in hydrothermal quartz veins.  Goldschmidt 2005, Moscow Idaho.
Breitsprecher, K., Madsen, J. K., Ickert, R., and Thorkelson, D. J.  2004.  Geologic signature of Paleogene ridge subduction and slab window formation beneath the central North American Cordillera.  GSA Joint Rocky Mountain/Cordilleran section meeting.
Participant. 2007 Marie Curie EURISPET Seminar on State-of-the-Art Analytical and Imaging Techniques in Petrology, Paris, France.
Participant. 2008 Marie Curie EURISPET Seminar on Isotopes Applied to Petrological Problems, Canberra, Australia.