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Current Research

Quaternary palaeoceanography of Indonesian through-flow area, Northern Australia

We have a large number of cores from Tropical Australia which we are in the process of studying Paleoclimate proxies such as the Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Oxygen of planktonic foraminifera as well as changes in their trace metal signatures. We are making tremendous progress in determining the paleoclimate history of the region, going back half a million years from these records.

Modern to Late Quaternary history of carbonate sedimentation from the Southern Great Barrier Reef, evidence from both the sediments and the water column

This project is underway to determine the fate of the fine fraction of carbonate produced and transported to deep water from the GBR. Both modern and Late Quaternary Paleoceanographic data are being gathered.

Methane Hydrates and the Cretaceous Carbon Cycle

This is a continuing research project that is focused on the Aptian. It is a large international project with links to both the University of Milan and the University of Rhode Island.

Quantifying Holocene shallow water carbonate sedimentation

An important component of the global carbon cycle is the mass flux of carbonate carbon to shallow water deposits like Coral Reefs. We have an ongoing project to quantify in time and space the Holocene "Coral Reef" deposits in the Indo-Pacific.