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Current Research

Characterising thermal events to constrain tectonic evolution of orogens.NE Scotland, Field Area


I intend to ascertain timescales of thermal events to constrain tectonic evolution of the Grampian orogen by applying diffusion modelling to a new system. This new system can be calibrated against mineral systems already utilized by diffusion modelling. Using several methods I can better constrain the nature of the thermal event associated with the Barrovian and the Buchan metamorphism that is related to the Grampian orogeny. Determining timescales of metamorphism allows distinction between competing theories for the source of heat involved in the process.


Experimental determination of ilmenite diffusivity


Ilmenite experiments for determining diffusion parameters of minor and trace elements have been conducted and the results were presented at the EGU General Assembly in May 2010. The experiments showed that the diffusivity has a strong dependence on temperature and oxygen fugacity for the elements studied which included Mn, Mg, Al, Ni and Co.